Common Rules of Escort Services



Escort services just like any other trade have its rules. The main purpose of having these rules is to ensure that there is sanity in the trade. Sanity does not come free of charge, one has to sacrifice in order to achieve the desired level of discipline. There are some simple rules in escort services that should be followed at all the times. These rules apply indiscriminately to both the escorts and the clients. Some of the most common rules are mentioned below.


  • Never Trade with Unlicensed Escort

The law provides that all escorts should be registered and be issued with a practicing license by the relevant authorities. It is therefore an offense for an escort to offer services without a license. It also an offense for a man to seek escort services from an unlicensed escort with full knowledge of her status.


  • Prostitution is Not Allowed

Escort service is a decent job that should not be tainted by those who want to carry out prostitution under the banner of Escort Services. Therefore it is a rule that there should be no paid sexual favors during the escort period. One should only pay for the professional escort services offered.


  • Do Not Reveal Your Credit Card Details

This rule applies to the clients. They are advised not to reveal their credit card details to the escorts. It does not matter how much they can be trusted. Personal details should remain personal while in company of strippers.


  • Do Not Accept Strange Food

As a client, it highly advised not to take strange food, mostly from the escorts. This is because some escorts are not trustworthy and they might take such an opportunity to drug you off and steal all your valuables.


  • Always Let a Friend Know Where You Are

It is important for both the client and the escort to let somebody know of their whereabouts. This acts as form of security should anything happen.

The above mentioned are some of the most common rules that should be followed so as to ensure that there is sanity while delivering strippers.